Why are birthday candles important?


The primary function of birthday candles is to light up a cake like fireworks. It makes a cake or a photo cake look more enticing and illuminated.  First of all, it is the ritual of blowing out candles on birthdays. That is why the number of candles put on the cake represents the age of birthday boy or girl. We have also seen some people using an additional candle with the number of age. The tradition of putting candles on the cake started from Greek, Swiss, and German. There was a common belief that evil spirits visited people on their birthdays and lighting a candle put them away from the people as well as their homes.

If it is the 7th birthday of your son or daughter, you can use 7 candles and 1 additional candle to grow on. You can also buy a candles showing 7 number of counting. The choice is always yours. Some people just use two candles. One candle is for the number of the actual age and another candle for growing on. Some people don’t believe in adding any candles to the cake. Traditionally, the practice of placing candles on the cake is followed by millions in all corners of the world. Following are some of the popular candle types available in the market; you can use them as per your changing needs and preferences:

· Personalized birthday candles – match their age

· Sparkler and flameless birthday candles – using LED lights and shaped sparklers

· Shooting star cake toppers

· Shapes & numbers birthday sparkler candles

· Blokz building blocks party candles

· Flamingo Cake Candles

· Flameless classic wax candles

· Color flames party candles

· Sunnylife watermelon candles

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All these candle options are amazing and add more colors to your upcoming birthday parties. You can expect them delivered to your doorstep via a midnight cake delivery service. The only thing is the number of candles you need to garner on the top of the cake. The choice is always yours. If you have no idea how many candles are enough for the occasion, you better ask cake experts who offer birthday cakes in Faridabad. They will lead you in the right direction and give you an edge. Cake designers know things very well and they will certainly guide you so that you can take a decision. If not, better ask Google for a solution.



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